Acne Program

Acne Treatments

I use the Face Reality Acne Protocols and Products. These have over a 90% success rate when used as recommended. Typically, acne takes 3-4 months to clear up, and homecare is a significant factor in success.

My treatment plans start with an initial 90-minute consultation and skin exam. During this time, we'll go over lifestyle factors that can affect acne. Next, I'll test your skin for sensitivity and perform a light peel treatment, as well as extractions and complimentary high-frequency treatment. You'll be advised on homecare products based on this consultation.

You will use your homecare products as directed and return every two weeks for treatment (peel and extractions). We will monitor your progress and adjust as needed. You will need to commit to a minimum of three months of treatment to see results.

What does this cost?

The initial consultation and treatment is $100. You can expect to pay approximately $150 for homecare products, however these should last for a few months. Each subsequent treatment is $50/visit. The total cost ranges, but you can estimate spending about $500 over the course of three months. I offer discounted packages for prepaid three month plans.

What if I don't want to spend that much?

Unfortunately, without committing to the program, you are much less likely to be successful. This program is designed to work with a combination of professional office treatments and homecare. I will work with you to design a program that fits your budget, but it may take longer to get clear and ultimately not be successful.

I really want to get clear, is there any way to reduce the price?

No, the treatment costs are comparable to a chemical peel, and professional quality homecare products are not cheap. However, it's important to me to see you get clear and I want you to be successful. Let's chat about options that fit your budget. 

What happens when I get clear?

Once your skin has cleared, you will continue to use homecare products but will only need treatments every two or three months.


Why choose a Face Reality Certified Acne Specialist?

  • We have more time to spend with a client.
  • We listen carefully to their concerns.
  • We touch and feel the skin each time they come in.
  • We keep updated with the latest and greatest information in the world of acne.
  • We have the best and most effective acne products with no need for prescription drugs or products.
  • We have compassion and empathy for the client.
  • We give the client honest and straightforward answers.
  • We have a system that will work to get their skin clear!
  • We coach the client through every step of the process of getting their skin clear. They are not left to figure it out on their own.
  • We create a close communicative relationship with the acne client.
  • The client does not have to put up with irritated, dry skin while getting clear.